Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Next Steps

Well, we were granted an interview by Generations. Honestly, I would have been shocked if it had turned out otherwise. It seems like we're exactly the kind of folks they are looking for.

Here's the email my hubby sent in reply (I made it anonymous for the web):

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for inviting us to continue in the process. When we began this journey we asked the Lord for direction and he gave us a date: Nov. 15th. We've established that as the date by which we would make a decision to move forward or put adoption on hold for now. In the meantime we've prayed that the Lord would raise every issue that needs to come up for discussion and resolution so that we can proceed with full confidence. He has been answering our prayers in remarkable ways, guiding us on this journey, but mostly teaching us about Himself.

All of this is to say, we're not sure if we should invest yet in the interview part of the process. I'm especially interested in your perspective: is the interview something that helps couples discern whether to move forward or is it more informational for those who are completely decided? Perhaps it would be better for us to wait until after Nov. 15th when we've received clear direction from the Lord? I welcome any thoughts you may have on this.

By the way, ***** and ***** are some of our best friends. ***** told us she's related to you (cousins by marriage, I think). Cool!

Blessings to you and the Generations staff for all you are doing to save lives and glorify Christ.

Grace and peace,

(My husband)

The Lord is granting me peace and leading me to trust Him in all things. Am I willing to go His way instead of my own way? Am I willing to find and fulfill my place in His kingdom, or do I insist on living my dreams as I have dreamed them? Either way, whether he gives me the grace for another child or not, I want to seek first His kingdom.

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