Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To Clarify a Bit...

I've had some interesting discussions with friends and family since the last post (a mere few hours ago) and thought I should clarify something.

I think I made it sound like God is clearly calling us to transracial adoption. That would certainly be fine. But that's just not the case. He doesn't seem to be "clearly" calling us to much of anything except a deeper understanding of Himself and His ways. We can't even honestly say that He's clearly calling us to adopt (though He doesn't seem to be hindering it or decreasing our desires).

We asked God a question: "What race should we adopt?" And as He so often does, He seemed to ignore our question and instead give us much more than merely an answer. He pulled back some of the veil and allowed us a deeper understanding of Himself. In this case, since race was the issue at hand, that is the issue through which He's revealed a tiny bit of Himself to us.

He really is gracious to speak to us in the midst of our current obsessions, isn't He?

If anything, we now have a greater peace about adopting whatever it is we have our heart set on...without the pressure to make a social statement in the process. As for me, my "rescue the world" mentality is getting healthier, I think. It's changing more to a "love the world" mentality. That's kind of huge for me.

The previous post was supposed to be all about God's sovereignty and His tender care, not really about transracial adoption, or even race relations. We haven't finished filling out our pre-app yet (almost!) and what races we indicate we are "open" to will likely never be shared with anyone but ourselves. But as for my adoptive heart for my brothers and sisters in Christ, I must declare, it is becoming more open all the time!

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family!

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